Viktor Yakubiv


As a design technologist, I bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication. My expertise lies in improving user interfaces, enhancing usability, and promoting accessibility for diverse people. I align business goals with inclusive design principles, putting the needs and preferences of end-users first.

I can assist you with building an efficient and inclusive design system, simplifying and enhancing your language and visual signifiers, establishing robust coding standards, elevating your code quality level, and overseeing the entire product development process with an accent on smooth user experience.


Security Tower

Security Tower is an application for monitoring Kubernetes clusters, managing images and policies in a GitOps repository. I developed and maintained a design system in Figma, implemented the user interface in Vue.js.

  • Structured the design system, aligned it with the branding guidelines, created a components library in Figma and redesigned the application — improved usability, especially on small screens
  • Simplified the structure of the repository, reduced directory tree nesting levels and the total number of files by 33 % yet adding new features, reduced the number of static files by 60 % — enhanced development experience, speeded up application load time and reduced server load
  • Improved the code quality by setting up static code analysis for CSS and Vue templates, hardening rules for JavaScript and TypeScript code

The case study is available upon request.


CORE is an aggregator of open access papers reaching 30 million monthly users. I developed and maintained a design system in Figma along with the front-end services infrastructure on React and Next.js.

  • Converted visual identity into a design system in Figma, translated the design system to a shared library of the UI components based on React — speeded up the design process and development, provided out-of-the-box inclusive components
  • Designed front-end projects infrastructure, established coding principles and guidelines — keeps the multi-repository codebase similar, simplifies code reviewing, enforces best practices
  • Designed and developed a banner adding credit to PDF documents and raising awareness of the Open Access and the project — increased daily website views by 5 %
  • Delivered 4 products with uniformed design, clear user flow and responsive layout


CreditGate24 is an online peer-to-peer loan financing system. I collaborated with the Swiss team helping to modernise the application technological stack, providing enough flexibility for the current business goals of the company as well as offer a wider functionality for user. The application was moved to a framework based on React and Redux.


Software Engineering and Design Consultant



Mentor in Kottans, Head of Internet-Olympiad of Informational Technologies

Lecturer and Mentor, Kottans


Kottans is a community of technologists who enjoy sharing knowledge. We help others to take their skills up to the next level by offering free courses, mentoring and a helping hand.

I mentor students, give lectures, help with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, design and related technologies.

Head of Web Committee, Problem Designer, Internet-Olympiad in Informational Technologies


Internet-Olympiad of Informational Technologies was a contest for high school students, where participants could compete in two nominees: databases and web technologies.

I led the web direction of the contest, designed and wrote problems, organised the work of the jury.


Master of Software Engineering, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

I successfully passed courses in web and typographic design as well as system and software design. I learned web technologies, operating systems, computer networks, and mathematics. Also, I have got solid computer science background in algorithms, mathematics, and programming languages.

I did research in recommender systems and web systems.